REQUIREMENTS/terms: to apply as a vendor

  • All products must be hand made by you or your company.  
  • Artisan Market Staff have the rights to revoke any products that do not fit the 'handmade' requirement or infringe on the authenticity of handmade or do not align with photos submitted during the application process. Questions about this requirement? Send us photos and we will send you approval or disapproval.
  • The Artisan must be in attendance of the entire market, he/she cannot break down early or arrive late. 
  • The artisan cannot show another artist's work that had not applied or did not get into the show.
  • The vendor must be in security of his/her booth, and cannot hold Artisan Market Staff or the venue responsible for theft or damage.
  • Food vendors/ consumable goods must be approved by health inspection laws in order to sell their goods at the market. 
  • Accepted Vendor must pay their booth fee within 3 days of acceptance, if he/she does not pay the booth fee, his/her spot is revoked and will be given to the next applicant in line.
  • The application fee must be paid within 12 hours of applying, in order for your application to be reviewed. 
  • Vendor booth fee is non-refundable for vendors participating in the market. If something occurs within 7 days of the market, 50% of the vendor fee may be refunded on a situational basis.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How do I find out when applications are announced? 
    • Frequent the website and check out our Facebook page for updates. Applications will be available on the website. You can also send us an email, through our about page and we will put you on our vendor call email list. 

  • How are vendors juried into the market? 
    Every vendor is juried by the Artisan Market staff and/or professional artists, entrepreneurs and makers. The jury base acceptances off of professionalism, consistency in body of work, quality/craftsmanship, and creativity. Some mediums are more competitive than others, for example, jewelry, ceramics. The vendor is then judged on originality and diversity amongst the other vendors. We want our customers to have a complete spectrum of products to choose from.
  • Can vendors share a booth?
    • Yes, however, each vendor has to apply and get accepted individually. There is an additional fee for extra vendors. Maximum 2 or 3 vendors per large booth.  
  • Is there electricity or wifi? 
    • Yes, however, not every booth will have direct access to an outlet.
  • How do vendors accept payment? 
    • Each vendor is responsible for his/her individual payment. We HIGHLY suggest having some sort of credit card accepting device (for example square) and proper change on you, this allows you to receive more payments.
  • How do food vendors apply? 
    • If you are a food truck, coffee purveyor, beer/wine purveyor or any other type of food vendor, apply through our online application, once accepted, you have a separate food vendor booth fee.